How To: Replace Fuel Pump

by Eric Southers | May 30, 2004 12:00 pm

ince the MR2’s fuel pump is right next to the dash, this is a very simple theft-deterrant mod. Turn the switch off when you park the car, and the car will not start again until it is turned back on. You could also use this to prime the engine, which is a good idea for when the car has been sitting for a few weeks and oil has dripped down from the valvetrain.

Get a switch from your favorite autoparts store. Should be around $5 if not cheaper. I got a black rocker switch that has a green LED for when the switch is on.

Pick where you want to mount the switch. I chose the little square blank knockout in front of the parking brake. Not sure if the 87+ has this or not. But this is real convenient for the 85/6s.

1) Remove the shift knob and remove the center console. This is intuitive enough, just remove the 10 or so screws. Don’t forget about the 2 under the ashtray for the 85/6s.

2) You should then see a few plugs. One is for the fuel pump, the other is for the fuel level sender. The fuel pump wires should go back toward the engine bay, while the level sender will go toward the dash.

3) Remove what you need to mount the switch where you want. I just had to remove the radio bezel and the radio to get to the knockout.

4) Clip the blue fuel pump wire and connect it to the switch you are using. I chose an illuminated one, so it needed an additional ground wire connected. That was simple enough with the harness behind the radio exposed.

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