How To: Bleed The Clutch

by WhyT | August 16, 2008 2:36 pm

Bleeding The Clutch


Jack up car and set on jack stands. (Or use your lift)

2. Use the power bleeder to suck out most of the fluid in your Clutch Fluid Reservoir.

3. Fill Fluid Supply Bottle with clean fluid.

4. Set up the Fluid Supply Bottle on the Clutch Fluid Reservoir.

5. Take bleeder cap off the nipple.

6. Connect Power Bleeder to the nipple.

7. Turn on Power Bleeder.

8. Using 8mm wrench, loosen bleeder valve.

9. Watch brake fluid as it goes through the hose of the bleeder valve. Once fluid becomes clear and there are no more bubbles close bleeder valve.

Now this is the tricky part.
This is where we bleed the slave cylinder.

11. Open Bleeder Valve

12. Compress Slave Cylinder by hand and hold it. (As you can tell in the picture, I just grabbed a hold of the fork and squeezed everything together.)

13. Close Bleeder Valve.

14. Slowly release Slave Cylinder.

15. Repeat steps 11-14. 3 times.

16. Shut off Power Bleeder.

After I was all finished my clutch pedal itself was out of adjustment. So refer to my How To: Adjust The Clutch Pedal.

Editors note: You do not need a power bleeder however it is highly recommended you use one. If you do not have a power bleeder a second person is required to work the clutch pedal while you are under the car. Google is your friend if you are considering this method. 🙂

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