How to: Change Air Filter

by Spydercam | May 25, 2009 7:56 pm

Okay here’s a write up for an air filter change. Some things may vary since I have no heat shields but this should get you through it for the most part.

Tool needed-

Phillips screwdriver

Parts needed-

New airfilter


1.Open the hood

2.Disconnect maf. (push down on clip and pull wire harness to your right)

3.Unscrew your hose clamp.

4.Pull coolant line off of box:


and here

5.For more maneuverability you can pull up on these two small hoses to dissconnect

them from the rubber intake tube.

6.Push forward on these two brass clips that hold the airbox lid on from the front.

They will swing forward and remain on the bottom of the airbox so no need to worry

about them falling off.

Here on the right side

and here on the left side

Optional step:

If you want to remove the top of the airbox completely then you will have to

unscrew the screw to the left (be careful that little bugger is easy to lose) and either

unclip the wire to the right (leaving the clip on the box) or use a pair of needle nose

pliers or flat head screwdriver to get the clip off of the airbox. (leaving it on the wire)

btw you may have to take the top rear strut top bar off to get it out if you have

heat shields still.

7.Now pull up on the front of the airbox (by maf sensor) and rubber tube.

Then while holding airbox up push down on rubber tube, like this.

8.Now slide the box forward to release the back retainers for the airbox.

Here’s what they look like.

9.Now your airbox should be free to pull up and expose your filter. You may have

to lift up on it enough to get your old filter out and then try to slip your new one in.

I’m able to slide the box over to the right since I don’t have any heat shields in.

Just make sure the filter fits in flush with the box and your in good shape.


[QUOTE=spydercam;492097]10.Now make sure when you put your box back on to slide the back retainers in

like they were. Make sure they line up like my pic in step 8.

11.Now slide your rubber intake tube to the right side like this:

12.Then slide it over the top of the airbox. Now lift the front of the airbox (by the maf)

and line it up with the bottom of the rubber intake tube. Now you should be able to push

down on the airbox and tube to form this:

13.Now just push down and pull the tube tight to form a good seal.

14.Tighten your hose clamp down.

15.Clip both brass hooks back.

Here on the right side

and here on the left side

16.Plug maf wire harness back into maf.

17.Put coolant line back into place:


and here

18.Reconnect two small tubes back to rubber intake tube.

(if you did the optional step make sure to screw your left screw back in and

wire and clamp on the right side back to box)

19.Clean up and your ready to go.

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