First up the issue of Money

Does the site generate revenue from ads?!?.  It sure does, at the rate of less than $0.50 / day +/- $0.50.  If we want to be picky about it, that is actually combined revenue from http://spydersearch.org as well.  I’ve hosted the site on my own dollar for over 5 years and I am still way in the negative something like 400%.  If the ads are a deal breaker, so be it.  I was simply trying to lose LESS money.  I’m happy to screenshot my ad revenue for anyone that doubts the numbers.  MR2 isn’t exactly a high profile keyword.

Intellectual Property Concerns

Copyright.  There is material on the site that I do in fact own.  The site design, the graphic assets, etc.  That was the intent.  At the same time, I took special care to attribute both the author and the original source. Would you all prefer the way I was doing it back in 2010? http://web.archive.o…hiprunabout.org

Also, I thought we had contacted almost everyone.  If you want your content removed and YOU are the author, I’m happy to oblige.  I don’t understand it, but that isn’t my decision.

There should not be any place that I claim to own the article, if there is please tell me and I will fix it with haste.

My Appeal

I’m both a professional web developer and an MR2 enthusiast.  This is my way of giving back.  I have isolated valuable information, aggregated it, an presented it in a way that is easy to find in search engines.

It was never my intent to “rip anyone off”.  I can see how it may seem that way, but what I was really trying to do is get the information out there.  Simply put, the Forums are not Search Engine friendly, but they have great content.  However, that information has been diluted over the years and I have put it back in the public eye.  I have helped keep the information alive.

Lastly, I really tried to do this ethically.  I had some other people help me out in the process, and I can not speak to each individual article’s origin. It is my opinion that the only ones that have anything to lose here are people with broken MR2s. I have removed articles in the past and will continue to do so at the authors request.  Please contact me.

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