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How To: Install TRD Spoiler

This is a fairly easy fitting. You have to make sure your measurements are right, and that you have confidence to drill into your engine lid. This type of spoiler was originally available in...

How To: Install Netz Style Bar

First of all a disclaimer- I am not a professional, merely an ungifted amateur. This guide is simply how I installed my Netz style bar and I accept no responsibility for any damage or...


Meshing the Sidevents

Removing the old vents First of all you need to remove the actual plastic vent from your car. It is held in place by three clips along the front edge and two protruding clips/lips,...


Pelican Racing Front Grill

Heres the one i made from some Foliatec Racing Mesh to start with. The results came out ok, but as you can see after a year or so it looking pretty tatty. So time...

How To: Remove Rear Bumper

(1) – To start with I disconnected the rear lights; this is done by removing the2 screws at the front and side of the main light unit.There is also a small plastic spigot (location...


Engine Lid Mesh

This is a mod I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The various threads that discuss the matter indicate that no damage results from removing the engine lid drip tray, and that...

How To: Replace Fender Liner

In case you need to replace your front wheel wheel liners, here’s how I did it.
Tools needed:
10mm socket and wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Small, thin-bladed flat-end screwdriver […]


Exterior Detailing 101

This is going to be a three part series into exterior detailing. Our test subject is my sisters Black 2000 Toyota Camry with many paint imperfections and blemishes. After the detail is complete I...