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The Spyder (2000-2007)


How To: Move Stock Battery to Rear Lower Cross Member

This is a “How to” that I did a few months ago. I relocated the stock battery down to the lower cross member. These directions can be used to relocate a smaller battery also. *I have a cold air intake and don’t believe this will work with the stock air box, it may but these directions are for those that do not use the stock air box.
This was done with stock parts (Battery hold down bracket & J-Bolt) and a Dremmel. The stock J-bolt just fits so to make my life easier I went to the auto store to picked up 10″ J-bolts to hold down the battery for $3.99. Total cost was a few hours and $3.99, I already had the Dremmel & Rustoleum

How To: Remove Transmission

This is a “how to” with some pictures that may assist in taking out our manual tranmissions. If your doing the removal yourself like I did you should alot 4 plus hours for your...

How To: Replace Shift Cable

Step one. You should have everything apart and the key focus is the hard part which is passing the cable though. Step Two You need to cut the cable here. The cable will now...


How to: Change Air Filter

Okay here’s a write up for an air filter change. Some things may vary since I have no heat shields but this should get you through it for the most part.

Tool needed-

Phillips screwdriver

Parts needed-

New airfilter



Third Generation MR2

The third generation MR2 had three different names, depending on country; Toyota MR-S in Japan, Toyota MR2 Spyder in the United States, and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in Europe. With the previous MR2 having been in the market for almost ten years, it was time for it to move aside as Toyota released the new MR2, designated ZZW30. The new MR2 was a part of Toyota Project Genesis, a plan from Toyota to attract buyers from the younger age bracket in an effort to increase sales in the United States, being one of Toyota’s worse flops, the project quickly ended in 2001, when Toyota launched its successful marque, Scion. The car received a complete makeover compared to the two previous models. One of the biggest changes was the replacement of the solid, T-Top, and sunroof options with a true convertible soft top, giving the car the ‘Spyder’ designation. Due to a new car design rule from SAE (The Society of Automotive Engineers), the pop-up headlights as seen on SW20 had to be removed. It is the only Toyota MR2 generation to not be sold in Canada.


OEM Wheel Specs

1999 – September 2002 (facelift cars took over for the 2003 model year starting in September 2002) All Markets

Front Wheels

Width 15″ x 6″
Offset = et45
PCD = 4 x 100
Weight = 14.6 lbs

How To: Replace the Soft Top

OK, after managing to find myself a new Toyota soft-top at a fraction of the standard new price I was stuck wondering if I should attempt to fit it myself or put it to...