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03+ Rear Lights Install

The dilemma, new funky rear 03 lights with old non funky 00 wiring harness. New harnesses from MrT £45 The issue is that 3 of the lights are push fit and will move to...

How To: Install Netz Style Bar

First of all a disclaimer- I am not a professional, merely an ungifted amateur. This guide is simply how I installed my Netz style bar and I accept no responsibility for any damage or...


3.0 Bracing

Bear in mind that my car started off with a Corky’s breast plate already installed – so it’s a little tighter than a standard car. I’d expect to feel a little more difference from...

How To: Replace Air Inlet Elbow

Well after seeing Markiii elbow inlet on mr2roc and ChrisGB’s elbow tubing replacement, I though I should try it out since everyone likes better airflow and I had been thinking about getting a CAI...


New Head Unit

hi thought I’d take some pics of me fitting my head unit to my 03 plate 2 hope it’s of some help to someone. (It’s only a rough guide don’t take my word for...

How To: Replace Rear Disks and Pads

I noticed the only info for this is a link to Spyder Chat so I made a record when replacing mine, if it’s any use you can use it While having my tyres replaced...


Gear Ratios

US Spec Transmissions

00-05 Celica GT & MR2 Spyder – 5 speed – C56
1- 3.17
2- 1.90
3- 1.39
4- 1.03
5- 0.82
R- 3.25
Final Drive- 4.312


CUSCO FSTB Install Guide

Welcome back to the SE Garage, where there ain’t no party like a supermod party ’cause a supermod party don’t stop! Today we’ll answer the age-old question: Can you be too braced up? Let’s...


Painted Heatshield

What to do with that rusting heat shield? As good a sports car as Toyota made the Roadster it is by and large an accepted fact the build quality could and should have been...


Meshing the Sidevents

Removing the old vents First of all you need to remove the actual plastic vent from your car. It is held in place by three clips along the front edge and two protruding clips/lips,...

How To: Install Stereo

When my lovely new Roadster arrived, it had no stereo fitted. After a bit of investigation I have found out that the stereo unit is a “Point of Entry” part. i.e. All Roadsters are...