How To: Move Stock Battery to Rear Lower Cross Member

This is a “How to” that I did a few months ago. I relocated the stock battery down to the lower cross member. These directions can be used to relocate a smaller battery also. *I have a cold air intake and don’t believe this will work with the stock air box, it may but these directions are for those that do not use the stock air box.
This was done with stock parts (Battery hold down bracket & J-Bolt) and a Dremmel. The stock J-bolt just fits so to make my life easier I went to the auto store to picked up 10″ J-bolts to hold down the battery for $3.99. Total cost was a few hours and $3.99, I already had the Dremmel & Rustoleum

Tools needed:
10mm socket for battery removal
12mm socket for (-) battery cable flip
14mm socket to remove rear strut crossbrace
Dremmel with small cone grinder and small cutting bit (comes with most Dremmels)
3-5 zip ties to attach any loose hoses and wires
Pliers, to bend (+) positive battery bracket
Box cutter, or sharp knife to notch Red plastic (+) positive battery cover & white plastic battery tray
Rustoleum paint

Remove rear strut crossbrace 14mm
Disconnect the (-) battery terminal
Disconnect the (+) battery terminal
Unbolt battery hold down nut 10mm

Remove battery from car

This is the diagonal brace thats just behind the muffler and leads down to the rear lower brace.
Next #1 in pic snap off tab with pliers. I just bent it back n forth until it came off.
#2 use Dremmel with cone grinder to enlarge the hole so the stock battery hold down bracket tab will fit in the hole. Just need to open the hole a little.

Next take the white plastic battery tray trim off the corner as seen in #2 so it can fit in to the space.
Then with the Dremmel cone grinder or a large drill bit make the hole as seen by #1 in this pic. This hole is for the J-Bolt to hold down the battery to the rear crossbrace

Looking down you want to line up / mock up the battery top tie down brace with the hole you enlarged and drop down the J-Bolt to get an idea where to make your hole for the J-Bolt to go.

Look at this as your mock up, see how the battery will set in the space.

Looking down Use the dremmel with the cutting bit (looks like a small metal circle ball with fins) The space is tight, at a 45* angle to drill a hole large enough so the J-Bolt will fit. You don’t need to go to low just about 1/2 inch from the top of the rear member.

I painted the hole, using Black Rustoleum to prevent rust
After you make the hole place the J-Bolt thru the white plastic battery tray and into the new hole as seen in this pic

Bend the (+) positive battery connector as seen in this pic

Next flip the (-) battery terminal cable ( unbolt 12mm and flip over)

Next unbolt and turn this (-) battery terminal cable body ground as seen in this pic, then re-bolt

Place the battery into its new location with the terminals being closest to the tranny/old battery location. Next #1 slide the battery hold down bracket into the hole, then #2 attach the J-Bolt to the battery hold down bracket and tighten bolt 10mm so battery is held into place. When done the battery will not move at all. #3 zip tie the wires to this spot.

Bolt on the straighten (+) positive battery cable to the (+) positive post on the battery. Next cut/notch the L-shaped Red plastic (+) positive battery cover and snap into place as seen in this pic

Next attach the (-) battery cable to the (-) battery post as seen in this pic

Top view when done, Zip tie any loose hoses & wires

After rear strut cross bar is reinstalled & I put a piece of aluminum diamond plate in to old battery space for a home made cold air box.

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