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How To: Move Stock Battery to Rear Lower Cross Member

This is a “How to” that I did a few months ago. I relocated the stock battery down to the lower cross member. These directions can be used to relocate a smaller battery also. *I have a cold air intake and don’t believe this will work with the stock air box, it may but these directions are for those that do not use the stock air box.
This was done with stock parts (Battery hold down bracket & J-Bolt) and a Dremmel. The stock J-bolt just fits so to make my life easier I went to the auto store to picked up 10″ J-bolts to hold down the battery for $3.99. Total cost was a few hours and $3.99, I already had the Dremmel & Rustoleum


Battery Hold-Down Bracket

I was bored today, and looked for something to do. Decided to clean up the bracket that holds down the battery. As you can see, there’s lots of battery acid corrosion along one side...