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How To: PlastX Headlight Restoration

How To: Restore your oxidized, faded, discolored, or otherwise lightly scratched (or damaged by brake kleen) headlight lenses. By: Brett Robertson (97 Supra) You will need: 1.) Bottle of Meguiar’s PlastX 2.) Sandpaper grit...


Winter Tire Information

Ok I promised myself I would do this a long time ago but never got around to it. I finally opened word tonight and got started thinking I would continue to write this over...


Basic DIY Diagnostics

To start with: Gotta have tools. The more tools you have the better. Basic tools are essential; socket set, wrench set, screwdriver set, test light, mulitmeter volts/ohms, jumper wires ( make yourself a set...


Buying a Modified MR2

Are you thinking of buying a modified MR2 Turbo? It may be a fast way to get the power you always wanted without going through the effort of building one for yourself. It may...

Things to Check Before Buying 0

Things to Check Before Buying

” So, you just bought an MR2″, generally what i say when someone new comes down to the workshop after they’ve just purchased their first 2. Then they ask me to put it up...


Leak Down Test

Performing a leak down test can be very helpful in determining if piston rings have started to leak, valves are leaking, or if there is a headgasket leak into the cooling system.  I purchased...

Does the MR2 Make for a Good First Car? 1

Does the MR2 Make for a Good First Car?

In response to the threads that tend to pop up every so often with 16/17/18 years olds asking if it is a good idea to get an MR2 as a first car, I would like to offer the following.

Short Answer: No

Long Answer:

The MR2 is a special and unique car. That is what so many of us spend so much time fixated on this message board, mailing lists, club events, etc. The reason you are here reading about the MR2, researching it, considering it is very likely that you have recognized the MR2 provides some features that set it apart from your run-of-the-mill VW/Honda/Acura/BMW/Toyota.