How To: Paint the Brake Calipers and Add a Decal

Yesterday I started grinding and sanding down my calipers. Living by the beach does cause a bit of corrosion. It took the good part of the afternoon to get them to a point that I felt it was good for painting.


This morning I taped off the parts and started to coat the calipers.
Rear Before & After two coats

Front Before & After two coats

After waiting three hours I applied the LT SPYDER decals.


All done and wheels on.


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5 Responses

  1. nigel says:

    those look brill well done, where did u get the LT SPYDER decals from

  2. James says:

    Hi there, what sort of paint do you need for this?

  3. nigel says:

    where did you get the spyder decals from, (they look brill)
    cheers nige

  4. Kalva says:

    The Spyder decals are from send him and email for your needs.

  5. Kalva says:

    The red paint is G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set RED G2160, I used the paint brush and it self levels and dries to a very hard finish.