How To: Replace Shift Cable

Step one.

You should have everything apart and the key focus is the hard part which is passing the cable though.

Step Two

You need to cut the cable here.

The cable will now pass though this bracket so there is no need to remove it. If you chose to remove it good luck as there is a bracket for the fuel line in the way and the bolts are next to impossible to remove due to the limited space. In my opinion you don’t need this bracket. It would be nice but as long as the cable passes though you should be fine.

You can see the bracket thought the hole but its not easy to take a picture of it.

Step three.
You will want to remove two 12mm bolts that hold the fuel tank closest to the engine and let the tank hang down a little. This is not dropping the tank because there are bolts on the other side which hold the tank in place. This is so you can make a little more clearance for the thickest part of the new cable to pass though.

Step four

You want to remove this bracket because you will not be needing it.

Step five
You will now pass the new cable from the cabin to the bottom of the car. Just push it though and if you feel like there is blockage pull back and push again until it freely passes.
Because you have dropped the tank a little it will have enough clearance to pass though.

Thats it. Not so bad but it would be worse if you need to remove and install that bloody bracket which in my opinion has no use except to have it hang upwards which the cable does naturally anyway.

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