How To: PlastX Headlight Restoration

How To: Restore your oxidized, faded, discolored, or otherwise lightly scratched (or damaged by brake kleen) headlight lenses.

By: Brett Robertson (97 Supra)

You will need:

1.) Bottle of Meguiar’s PlastX

2.) Sandpaper grit depends on the severity of your lens damage. Which ever grit you choose to start with, you must also purchase 1 sheet of the higher number grit paper – up to what ever grit you are comfortable with to complete the restoration process. (I stopped at 2500.)

Example: If you start with 1000, you must also buy 1500 2000 and 2500.

2a.) 1 sheet of 1000 grit (to start with when working on severely oxidized and yellow lenses.)

2b.) 1 sheet of 1500 grit (to start on not so yellow, but very cloudy / faded and or lightly swirled/scratched lenses.)

2c.) 1 sheet of 2000 grit (starting with mostly clear, or barely cloudy lenses)

2d.) 1 sheet of 25000 grit to finish off with (or continue on to 3000 if it makes you happy.)

3.) Any # pack of microfiber towels.

4.) 1 flannel cloth – any size, just make sure it’s easy to fold up and work on your headlight with.

5.) 1 roll of your favorite masking tape, I chose 3M blue 1″ masking tape.

6.) 1 bucket your size and color choice don’t matter so much as long as the container is large enough to soak your sheets of sand paper in, it will work.

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