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How to: Change Air Filter

Okay here’s a write up for an air filter change. Some things may vary since I have no heat shields but this should get you through it for the most part.

Tool needed-

Phillips screwdriver

Parts needed-

New airfilter


How To: Replace Radiator Fan

First off I’ll talk a little about how I “determined” my motor was bad. I was poking around in the frunk when the fans came on and I looked down to see that only...


How To: PlastX Headlight Restoration

How To: Restore your oxidized, faded, discolored, or otherwise lightly scratched (or damaged by brake kleen) headlight lenses. By: Brett Robertson (97 Supra) You will need: 1.) Bottle of Meguiar’s PlastX 2.) Sandpaper grit...

How To: Replace Rear Disks and Pads

I noticed the only info for this is a link to Spyder Chat so I made a record when replacing mine, if it’s any use you can use it While having my tyres replaced...

How To: Replace Speedometer Cable

Just replaced my speedometer cable today. It ended up being pretty easy, but as always whenever you’re doing something for the first time, it takes longer. 1. disconnect the cable from the tranny. It’s...

How To: Install Stereo

When my lovely new Roadster arrived, it had no stereo fitted. After a bit of investigation I have found out that the stereo unit is a “Point of Entry” part. i.e. All Roadsters are...


How To: Build an Oil Filter Relocator

There isn’t anything to say that isn’t obvious. Take the stock Toyota oil filter stand- off & cut it in half. Tap (& drill if needed) the channels to accept your hose barbs. Put your sealant around the threads & tighten (15ft-lb, or pretty hand tight is good enough). […]

How To: Replace the Starter

How To: Replace the Starter

To replace the starter on a mk1: 1.  Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. 2.  Jack the car and use stands. 3.  Under the car use a 14mm socket a short extension and...

Does the MR2 Make for a Good First Car? 1

Does the MR2 Make for a Good First Car?

In response to the threads that tend to pop up every so often with 16/17/18 years olds asking if it is a good idea to get an MR2 as a first car, I would like to offer the following.

Short Answer: No

Long Answer:

The MR2 is a special and unique car. That is what so many of us spend so much time fixated on this message board, mailing lists, club events, etc. The reason you are here reading about the MR2, researching it, considering it is very likely that you have recognized the MR2 provides some features that set it apart from your run-of-the-mill VW/Honda/Acura/BMW/Toyota.

Changes by Year 0

Changes by Year

2000 – Mk3 is launched in Europe, having previously been launched in Japanese and US markets. A small modification is made after the car has been rolling off the lines for a while, when...

How To: Repair Power Window

Twosrus sells replacement motor gears for power windows, which is a very common failure on the aging MR2s. However, the regulator gear could be the one causing your problems. This gear is irreplaceable and...