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How To: Fix Throttle Cable

Well I had a fraying throttle cable that was getting hung up at times when backing off the throttle… After further inspection I noticed that the throttle cable was fraying and was getting caught up not letting the cable slide smoothly to close the throttle plate. Well after a call to “SATAN” I was quoted around 80 bux for about 1.5feet of throttle cable. A bit much if you ask me, and im sure I could do this for cheaper.

Electrical Problems 101 0

Electrical Problems 101

1.  The alternator came with a plastic “hat” on the top post. If yours is gone, the wire harness will sit on the post and the post will dig into the wire harness. The...

Power Window Issues (Diagnosis) 0

Power Window Issues (Diagnosis)

It’s funny that everyone is quick to jump to the stripped motor gear replacement. While that’s usually the cause, it could also be the regulator gear that IS NOT replaceable. I would recommend you...


Sunroof Rattle

After living with the sunroof rattle ever since I got the car, decided to fix it today. It’s so easy, don’t know why I waited this long. 1) Remove the sunroof. Now you need...