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OEM Wheel Specs

1999 – September 2002 (facelift cars took over for the 2003 model year starting in September 2002) All Markets

Front Wheels

Width 15″ x 6″
Offset = et45
PCD = 4 x 100
Weight = 14.6 lbs

How To: Replace the Soft Top

OK, after managing to find myself a new Toyota soft-top at a fraction of the standard new price I was stuck wondering if I should attempt to fit it myself or put it to...

MarkIII Inlet Pipe 2

MarkIII Inlet Pipe

Ladies and Gents, Having just test fitted one of the new batch prior to packing and shipping, I figured you might benefit from some instructions. This latest version is slightly different from the last...


Kirk’s Urethane Motor Mounts

In reality this is not difficult, other than undoing bolts, and doing them back up again. The problem with undoing is rust, wear and stiffness, the problem with installing is getting everything back into...


How To: Install TRD Spoiler

This is a fairly easy fitting. You have to make sure your measurements are right, and that you have confidence to drill into your engine lid. This type of spoiler was originally available in...

How To: Replace Euro Side Repeater

A small mod it may be, but side repeater replacement (for pre-facelift cars) is one of the most effective, and thus popular. I have just done mine, so decided to take a few pictures...


DIY: Changing Door Inserts

After recently changing my seats the red door cards became a little out of place so as usual i thought it would be worth trying to change them myself I went along to one...


03+ Rear Lights Install

The dilemma, new funky rear 03 lights with old non funky 00 wiring harness. New harnesses from MrT £45 The issue is that 3 of the lights are push fit and will move to...

How To: Install Netz Style Bar

First of all a disclaimer- I am not a professional, merely an ungifted amateur. This guide is simply how I installed my Netz style bar and I accept no responsibility for any damage or...


3.0 Bracing

Bear in mind that my car started off with a Corky’s breast plate already installed – so it’s a little tighter than a standard car. I’d expect to feel a little more difference from...


New Head Unit

hi thought I’d take some pics of me fitting my head unit to my 03 plate 2 hope it’s of some help to someone. (It’s only a rough guide don’t take my word for...