MarkIII Inlet Pipe

Ladies and Gents,

Having just test fitted one of the new batch prior to packing and shipping, I figured you might benefit from some instructions.

This latest version is slightly different from the last batch.

benefits are a tighter seal to the existing airbox (you better beleive it) and easier manufacturing.

With that said while still not rocket science the impact has been to make installation a little more effort. I had the V2 down to a 5 min install, V3 is looking at more like 10-15 mins.

My digi cam is broken at the moment so no pics for a while, but heres the low down.

Step 1

Remove the left hand side rear light cluster. 2 screws on the top and it will lift out. Be careful with the securing lug that pushes into the wing. you need to push the ligth unit toward thethe other side of the car for it to pop out.

Step 2

Pull out the old tapered pipe. Literally just grasp and twist it will pop out.

Step 3

Remove the plastic screw and grommet on the left that holds the left hand part of the existing pipe (the bit that dissapears off into the wing). This will give you the extra give in the pipe that you need.

Step 4

Your new pipe has a long section and a short section. The long bit goes into the airbox, the short bit into the pipe on the left. While holding the pipe so that the open ends point upwards insert the long part under the crossmember toward the airbox (don’t worry about inserting it yet).

Step 5

Rotate the opipe so that the short part is pointing toward the pipe emerging from the wing. Now push it in. Now you can push the long end into the airbox. Be warned this will take a fair bit of effort and you may find it easier to unbolt the coolant bottle from it’s mount to give extra access. You need to push this end in until the lip on the end of your inlet pipe is totally inside the airbox.

Step 6

Reattach the screw and grommet that holds in the pipe on the left. Everything should now be a tight fit and nothig will move.

Step 7
Replace the light cluster.

And there you go. Step 5 may be a bit of a pain but the result is a very tight seal

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  1. Evan says:

    How does one purchase the new air inlet pipe?

  2. Evan says:

    Any updates on the previous question? How can we purchase the new air inlet pipe?

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