Category: MK2


Invincashield Install

Invincashield is a product made by 3M. This product goes by other names, and/or is made by other brands (ie Stongard). You can find some info on a MR2 Spyder specific installation here


Oilpan Airflow Mod

The purpose of this mod is to allow the underbody airflow to hit the front of the oilpan, and carry away some of the heat in the oil. The mod was found on a...

Turbocharger Installation

These are just some notes on installing the stock turbocharger back into the MR2.  I start out by loosely bolting the turbo oil pipe to the turbocharger (two 10mm bolts).  The dump pipe (downpipe)...


Engine Control Unit Monitoring

The objective was to design a way to monitor various engine parameters and log them using a serial port to a laptop or other serial device.  This was attempted before using an 8051 type...


Distributorless Ignition For The MR2

RX-7 twin tower ignition coils installed in MR2 Turbo. The goal of the project was to design and build an affordable ignition upgrade for the MR2 Turbo (3S-GTE).  The original plan was to build...

Supra Fuel Pump Power Mod

This mod is intended to supply the maximum amount of voltage available to the fuel pump, and upgrade the wires when using a Supra pump which usually pulls right around 20 amps, by getting...