Front Wheel Well Cleanout

A common problem with the older MR2s is body rust behind the wheels. One culprit is leaves and water getting down into the front wheel wells. Here i’ll go through the easy process of cleaning it out. You can see here how water and leaves can easily get behind the bodywork.


1) Loosen lugnuts. Jack up and support the vehicle and remove the wheel.


2) Now look toward the rear of the vehicle and remove the 10mm bolts (green) and Phillips screws (red).


3) Also there’s another 10mm bolt on the bottom on other side of the mudflap.


4) Remove mudflap (if installed) and unsnap the wheel well cover from the fender. And here’s what you will most likely see. A nice pile of leaves, dirt, and unknown matter.


5) Clean it out real good and hopefully you won’t have any rust back there.



6) Installation is opposite of removal. (Make sure to tighten lugnuts to 76 ft-lbs.) And then repeat for the other side of the vehicle.

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