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How To: Replace Radiator Fan

First off I’ll talk a little about how I “determined” my motor was bad. I was poking around in the frunk when the fans came on and I looked down to see that only...


03+ Rear Lights Install

The dilemma, new funky rear 03 lights with old non funky 00 wiring harness. New harnesses from MrT £45 The issue is that 3 of the lights are push fit and will move to...


Foglight Writeup

I wrote this up last year and just joined this board not too long ago so I wanted to share this with you guys. Well a lot of people have been asking how to...

How To: Install Netz Style Bar

First of all a disclaimer- I am not a professional, merely an ungifted amateur. This guide is simply how I installed my Netz style bar and I accept no responsibility for any damage or...


CUSCO FSTB Install Guide

Welcome back to the SE Garage, where there ain’t no party like a supermod party ’cause ahttp://midshiprun.wpengine.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=1340 supermod party don’t stop! Today we’ll answer the age-old question: Can you be too braced up? Let’s...


Aftermarket Seats

ere’s a write-up that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now. Every car has different seat mounting locations. Therefore aftermarket seat manufacturers must sell brackets specific to the car. Sometimes this...


Dying headliner

After getting tired of looking at the old dull headliner and dirty sunvisors for the past 10 years, I decided to try out the Vinyl & Fabric paint/dye. You can purchase this at your...

How To: Install Stereo

When my lovely new Roadster arrived, it had no stereo fitted. After a bit of investigation I have found out that the stereo unit is a “Point of Entry” part. i.e. All Roadsters are...

How To: Install Turbo Regulator Kit

Welcome to another video installation how-to from LoveHorsepower.com! LoveHorsepower Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit Installation Video – Full Resolution – 115MB windows media format. Right click and save as to view. Fuel Pressure Regulator Video...


How To: V6 Swap Primer

Engines: Compatiblity / Grocery List
1997+: 1MZ-FE
Best choice for swap.

1992-1996: 1MZ-FE
Compatible, but not recommended.
Early 90’s 3vz is proven to work also*