Interior Door Triangle Pieces

As many of you MKIers know, the door triangle pieces break over time. Finding old ones in a junkyard that aren’t broke is a very difficult task. And gluing them back on is only a temporary solution. Just outta curiousity I decided to call up my favorite Toyota dealer, and inquire about the cost. Being ready to hear some outrageous price, he came back with me with a list price of only $11 each! Cost to me was only $14 for the pair! Maybe I shoulda ordered a second set, just in case these break again…

Part #s:


  • 67492-17010 Driver Side
  • 67491-17010 Passenger Side



Here’s the old one, notice the broken tab…


And the new ones, with tabs in perfect shape!


Just a pic with the triangle taken off.


And the new one that snaps in perfectly. No real install instructions needed, just put the bottom 2 tabs in first, and line up the top clip with the hole and snap it in.

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