How To: Replace Door Hinges

After 15+ years of use, most driver side doors are beginning to sag. To see how bad your door is sagging, open the drivers side door about 8-10 inches, and lift up on the end of it. If it deflects any, then the door is sagging. Compare it to the passenger’s door, which shouldn’t be near as bad.

Door Hinges Part #s:

  • 68720-17010 Upper LH (Driver)
  • 68740-17010 Lower LH (Driver)
  • 68710-17010 Upper RH (Passenger)
  • 68730-17010 Lower RH (Passenger)

Price is $28 each from Jay Marks Toyota


1) Open the door all the way and place a floor jack (with padding to protect door) under the center of the door.

2) Remove pin that holds on the “brass colored lever thing in the middle that keeps the door from opening too far”. Use pliers to close leafs at bottom of pin while pushing up though hole.


3) Remove 4 (12mm) bolts that hold door to hinges. It would be helpful to have someone to help balance the door on the jack, but it is doable alone (I did it alone). I had to used a 1/4″ drive ratchet because I couldn’t fit anything bigger. PB Blaster and a 36″ long pipe (cheater bar on ratchet) were needed to “persuade” the bolts to come loose.


4) Slide door on jack away from car.

5) Without the door on, mark the location of the hinge, so that installation is easier. You can get to the 4 (12mm) bolts that hold the hinge to the body without removing the fender or any fender bolts. I was able to fit the 1/4″ drive ratchet to loosen two of the bolts. The other two require a wrench (non-offset works fine). PB Blaster was again helpful.

6) Remove hinges and clean off the old silicone/caulking that was around the hinges.

7) Put new hinges on in the same position as original and tighten bolts.

8) Roll door on jack into position and put bolts in. This step requires help to get door into position.

9) Put middle lever back in and slide pin back into place.

10) Check door operation. Mine was still low. You cannot get to the hinge-to-body bolt with door on, so you either have to remove fender or door to adjust door position. I figured since I just had the door off, it would be easier to remove those 4 bolts again instead of removing fender. I removed the door, and tilted the bottom hinge up. When I tried putting the door back on, it would not line up with the bottom hinge (it was tilted too much). Adjust the bottom hinge back down a little, and put the door back on. Fixed the problem. Door closes perfectly now.

11) I then adjusted my striker plate to raise the closed door position slightly (to get a tighter seal with the window closed).

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