Side Markers -> Side Repeaters

Here’s a simple mod to update your MR2 to like today’s fancy cars. This will make your side markers flash when your turn signals and hazard lights are on. It will also keep the functionality of the sidemarkers when the headlights are on.

I got the wiring diagrams for doing this at:

Here’s the schematic courtesy of the above page.



1) Pop hood, and turn headlights to the up & off position.

2) Remove the 4 screws holding the side garnish on one of the headlights.

3) Remove the side garnish and then remove the four 8mm bolts holding the cover over the light. Remove the cover.

4) This allows you access to the lighting loom. Peak under the light to the side of the car and you can remove the sidemarker by pulling on the rear edge (red arrow) and pushing out. Then using a pair of pliers remove the plastic clip (blue circle) holding the loom to the car.

5) Now looking to the front of the light, disconnect the turn signal/parking light connector. Then remove the other plastic clip.

6) Now feed the loom through the sidemarker hole to allow you room to do the mod.

7) Clip the ground wire from the sidemarker bulb and splice it into the wire from the turn signal light (G/Y passenger side, G/Blk driver side). Tape the other end of the ground on the body harness (i.e. leave it floating).

8) Retape the loom and assemble everything the opposite of removal.

9) Repeat for the other side.


1) In the rear trunk, remove the rear carpeted covering.

2) Disconnect the side marker bulb from the holder.

3) Remove the tail light connector from one of the assemblies.

4) Remove the assembly by pushing down the big clip and pulling out. Here’s the passenger side after removal.

5) Clip the ground (W/Blk) from the sidemarker bulb and tie it to the G/Y from the sidemarker. Just tape the other end of the ground that is tied to one of the bulb bases.

6) Here’s the finished product after solder & tape.

7) Repeat for the driver’s side.

8) Assembly opposite of removal.

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