How To: Replace Sway Bar End Links




Here’s an easy fix for some possible rattling problems in the front suspension. Takes about 10 minutes to install these bad boys. Takes longer to jack the car up than it does to put these on. It takes a 14mm socket and wrench to remove the stock ones, and two 17mm (or 11/16″) wrenches to install the new adjustable end links that I purchased from Twos-R-Us. I STRONGLY recommend using a set of ratcheting wrenches for this.Comparison between the stock end links and the new Twos-R-Us ones: 1) Removing the old links is very straightforward, just remove the two nuts.

2) Installing the new end links is a bit tricky in how everything goes on. You will need to reuse the L shaped spacers from the old end links. Here’s how you go about positioning the washers and spacers.

At the top mounting bracket, starting from the inside fender well it goes: bolt, bracket ‘box’, spacer, washer, washer, joint, nut (ie, the joint is inside the mounting bracket ‘box’). At the bottom mount point use both washers and the spacer next to each other. Below are pics of stock vs. new install:


Here’s just another view looking up from the ground:


If you’d like to purchase a set of these, goto New stock end links are outrageously priced at any Toyota dealer.



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