How To: Change Distributor Cap and Rotor

Here is a quick write up on how to change your distributor cap and rotor. This was done on a 93T with no egr system which may make it a little easier than those of you who still have your egr.

You will need:
8mm socket
philips screwdriver
new dist cap
new rotor
I chose oem toyota replacement parts

Approx cost: $40

Approx time: 15-30min

1.  First off remove all the spark plug wires from the distributor cap.

2.  Unhook and slide up the plastic cap and the wires will just pop out.
A.  No need to mark them seeing as how the distributor cap and the wires should be numbered. (Verify this before disconnecting wires.  Mark with tape/marker if they are not.) 
B.  You may need to unhook the one vacuum hose to give you some more room.
3.  Once the plug wires are out remove the ignition wire the same way.
4.  Next take your 8mm socket and remove the two bolts on the distributor cap. They should be directly across from each other.
5.  Once those two bolts are removed set them aside as you will be reusing them.
6.  Ok, so you are now ready to remove the rotor. Take a good look at it, remembering exactly how it is positioned as it will only go on one way. This will make the reassembly go much smoother. There are two philips head screws located in the centerish of the rotor, they are less than an inch a part and are recessed. I was unable to get the one with a philips screwdriver but a flathead got it right out. Save these screws as well. Your rotor should now pop right off.

7.  Reassembly is pretty much self explanatory, just reverse the process. Wipe off any oil or dirt before putting it back together.

A.  If there is a bunch of oil, chances are you need to replace the seals in your distributor which is a whole differant deal.

After replacing my cap and rotor I noticed better idle and acceleration immediately. I was delightfuly surprised and happy with the result.

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