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How to: Change Air Filter

Okay here’s a write up for an air filter change. Some things may vary since I have no heat shields but this should get you through it for the most part.

Tool needed-

Phillips screwdriver

Parts needed-

New airfilter



Intake Filter Mod

*Applies mainly to 85-86 NA MR2s. 87+ MR2s have their Intake filter mounted in the trunk. However, if you wish you can follow this writeup & move the filter into the engine bay like...

How To: Clean Throttle Body

It’s a good idea to clean up the throttle body every so often, as the oil vapor in the PCV system condenses on the cooler walls of the intake. This leaves a nice oily...


Engine Drop Prep

I finally saved money to do something with my black car. I’m undecided as to if I should rebuild, or buy a GenIII clip. I really believe the GenII motors are alot less stout...



      Here’s just a short write-up for changing the thermostat.1) Drain engine coolant. It’s quicker to just tear the housing apart without the pain of draining the coolant, but that way is...