Here’s just a short write-up for changing the thermostat.1) Drain engine coolant. It’s quicker to just tear the housing apart without the pain of draining the coolant, but that way is quite messy. Either way, make sure the engine has cooled ;)2) Below marks the location of the thermostat housing. To reach the housing it is best to remove the battery and the air filter.


Here’s a better view of the housing without the battery and air box in the way.


3) Remove the hose clamp in the red box and the circled 10mm bolts. With the lower bolt you will need an opened end wrench to get to it. The housing should then pop apart in 2 pieces. It may require some force to break the seal of the gasket.


Just another view of the housing:


4) Here’s a couple pics of the new and old thermostats.


5) Installation is opposite of removal. Make sure the thermostat is situated in the proper way. The smaller end should go toward the rear of the car. Also make sure to use a new gasket between the housing halves and/or RTV.

6) Refill and burp the coolant system and check for any leaks.







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