How To: Install Rear Bushings

The pics below are during my full suspension/brake system rebuild. So they will be a little different than yours since I was removing everything.

*Procedure of pressing the bushings out with just 2/3 jaw pullers courtesy of Dale Conner & Bill Merton from MR2 forum


Rear Removal

1) Here’s a pic of what the rear TRD bushing set replaces: strut top (blue), control arm (purple), & strut arm (yellow & red). So you will need to remove the strut assembly and the 2 arms. The inner tie rod bushing is not included with the kit. The only way to order it from Toyota is to purchase the actual inner tie rod which runs about $50 from the dealer. The axle carrier does not need to be removed completely. It will still be attached to the drive shaft and the tie rod end.


2) Loosen lug nuts, raise & support the rear of vehicle with jack stands. Remove wheel. (Ignore that the caliper is removed below.)


3) If you have new TRD strut tops you need to remove the strut assemblies. If you have the set from Fensport, or don’t feel like removing the strut assemblies, goto step 4.

To save space on this page, goto my Rear Strut Removal page.

4) Remove the two 14mm bolts holding the bottom of the axle carrier to the lower control arm’s balljoint. Then remove the control arm from the body of the car, 17mm bolt.


5) Remove the 17mm bolt and nut holding the strut arm to the body of the car. May need to remove one bolt of the underbody cover to get to the bolt.


6) The strut arm and control arm should come out of the car together. You can then separate them by removing the 22mm bolt & the various other parts holding them together. (The below pic is with the ball joint removed)


7) Here’s pics of the removal of the control arm & strut rod bushings.

Rear Strut Arm Bushing Install

1) Take the new bushing and lube it up with some grease. Notice that one end of the bushing is tapered, while the other is not.

2) Position the bushing and strut arm in the vice and start pushing the bushing in. Make sure everything goes straight.


This is about as far as you can get with the vice.


3) Now, reposition the strut arm in your vice, and attach your 2/3 jaw puller.


Use a few fender washers to apply the pressure evenly across the bushing.


4) The other end of the bushing should pop out once it’s completely in place. Wipe off the excess grease.


Rear Control Arm Bushing Install

Do the same for the control arm bushing.


Rear Strut/Control Arm Bushings Install

This needs to be done when putting the arms back onto the car.

1) Install the strut arm back onto the car.


2) Place the retainer, new collar, new bushing, and then the control arm….


3) Another new bushing, retainer, and the nut. Just tighten the nut by hand.


4) And then install the control arm onto the body of the car


5) Tighten down the strut/control arm bushing 22mm nut.


6) Reinstall the rest of the parts you removed to get to the suspension arms.

7) Before attaching the wheel, jack up the corner of the car via the control arm. Raise it up until it gets into it’s normal position, as if the car was lowered onto the ground. Tighten the suspension arms’ nuts and bolts to spec. This is so the bushings aren’t twisted when the wheels are installed & the car is lowered to the ground.

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