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How To: Install TRD Spoiler

This is a fairly easy fitting. You have to make sure your measurements are right, and that you have confidence to drill into your engine lid. This type of spoiler was originally available in...


How To: V6 Swap Primer

Engines: Compatiblity / Grocery List
1997+: 1MZ-FE
Best choice for swap.

1992-1996: 1MZ-FE
Compatible, but not recommended.
Early 90’s 3vz is proven to work also*


20V Blacktop Swap Exhaust

For the exhaust, you need to decide if you want to use the 16V manifold or the 20V. The 20V manifold is a much more efficient design, however involves more customization that the 16V....

How To: Install Rear Bushings

The pics below are during my full suspension/brake system rebuild. So they will be a little different than yours since I was removing everything. *Procedure of pressing the bushings out with just 2/3 jaw...

How To: Replace Front Strut

Finally, started redoing the entire suspension in the car. I went ahead and removed the strut assemblies first, that way this writeup is more meaningful.

Tools needed:

* Various sockets, wrenches, pliers & ratchet
* Cheater bar for those stubborn nuts & bolts
* Spring compressor
* Bench Vice
* Monkey wrench or large channel locks
* Dremel tool (maybe, see step 4)