4 EGT to 1 Switched Gauge Install

Forward: We do NOT reccommend drilling into your ex. manifold with it on your car. Shane and Pat pulled the motor shortly after, and when Shane pulled the head, he found evidence that this procedure cannot be performed safely in this manner. The head had to be machined proffessionally to remove the damage where some of the shavings had been smashed repeatedly before exiting the engine. Apparently, some of the shavings were left in the manifold, and upon starting the engine, they were sucked in on a down stroke, and caused the damage. It has been said on the message board that you can do this procedure with the car running to fix the problem, but we think it would be to cramped, and way too HOT! See this link for more info Gecko 2 Head machine work

4 EGT to 1 Switched Gauge Install

Recently, Shane Craddock installed 4 Westach EGT Probes in his Exaust Manifold, and hooked them up to a single switched Westach Gauge. The install was done with the manifold on the car, which normally is not recommended because metal shavings fall into the manifold, and can get stuck in the turbo, but the procedure can be done with the use of some simple tricks. EGT Preliminary test results at the bottom of the page.


Here’s a pic of the special drill bit used to cut through the manifold.


Show here are some pictures of ways to get the metal shavings out of the manifold. First was the use of a magnet tipped utility tool, and second a more difficult item to get, a vaccuum attatchment (only use when Girlfriend/Wife is not looking.




Next you need to “tap” the holes you drill in order to give the EGT “bungs” something to screw into securely. We’ve learned to always use the special “tapping” oil to keep the tap working correctly.










Now, all that’s left to do is hook them all up to the switch, do some testing, and tidy up all the wires. Not too hard of a project.

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