The Easy Way to Run Speaker Wire into the Door

Installing Speaker wire via the door is very easy in the Spyder compared to two other cars that I have done in the past. There is no cutting involved and it’s easier then you think and takes less time than mounting the crossover box in the door.

There are benefits to running speaker wire through the door as the stock wire is anemic plus having the crossovers in the doors is not ideal. This guide will make it easy for you to do the job if you follow my procedure otherwise it will be a bit more complicated.

These are the tools that you will need.
1. Small flathead screwdriver
2. Fishing tape or a wire with a loop from a coat hanger.

Before we start you must remove the door panels and the mid woofer. You can find out how to do it here.

Ok let’s get started.

1. Remove the Plastic runner
2. Remove the underside plastic piece by the dead pedal. It is held in with a Plastic screw that you can turn with your fingers.
3. Now we are ready to get to the good stuff. Remove the grommet/rubber sleeve that goes into the body of the car. Use the flat head screw driver and wedge it out while pulling on the grommet. Its not that hard to do and don’t worry as its easy to put back.

4. The next thing to do is place your left hand into the woofer hole and reach up until you feel where the grommet is attached to the door. You will not be able to see this because for one thing it’s inside the door and because your hand is in the way. Once you feel the grommet with the rubber sleeve you should gently pull it in while your right hand on the outside pushes in the grommet. Do not slide the grommet/ rubber sleeve over the wires, don’t worry you won’t be able to but just incase you get the urge. Feel free to use the screwdriver when pushing it in from the outside.
5. Now use the fishing tape or modified coat hanger through the inside of the door, feel the end of the rubber sheath and pass the Fishing tape/wire through being careful not to use excessive force. A little manipulation maybe needed and before you know it its on the outside of the door through the rubber sleeve.

6. Ok we are almost home. Place the speaker wire on the loop and pull it through carefully and that’s it.

7. Now it’s all down hill. Take the wire that you passed through the door and pass it into the hole in the body of the car where the other grommet goes into and at the same time place your right hand in the hole where you removed the plastic piece near the dead pedal. This is where you will receive the wire. When you catch it just pull the slack.

8. Last thing left is to reposition the grommets. Just push out the one on the inside of the door and use the screwdriver on the outside to manipulate and it should catch. Then push in the one on the body. Don’t worry its actually easier than it looks.

That’s about it. If the instructions seem confusing in any way don’t worry as it will make sense when you are actually doing it. When I did the passenger side it was a bit difficult because I did not know how to approach it and I initially had a hard time passing the wire through the rubber. When I figured out how to do the passenger side it became a walk in the park for the drivers side. This is very easy to do as long as you follow my directions otherwise it can be tricky.

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