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How To: V6 Swap Primer

Engines: Compatiblity / Grocery List
1997+: 1MZ-FE
Best choice for swap.

1992-1996: 1MZ-FE
Compatible, but not recommended.
Early 90’s 3vz is proven to work also*


Cam Degreeing

Here are some tips and info on how to degree cams for the 3SGTE. This article does not cover cam install, just the degreeing process for aftermarket cams. If you do not degree your...


How To: Replace Oil Cooler Hoses

I’ve been waiting till its time to change my oil again to replace the oil cooler hoses, as these guys have been leaking for some time. I decided to replace them with Aeroquip Stainless...

How To: Change Water Pump

After a leak that had been going on for a couple months, I decided I would go after changing out the water pump. I also wanted to flush out the entire coolant system as...


Oil Filter Sandwich O-Rings

While replacing the oil cooler lines, I went ahead and replaced the oil filter adapter o-rings. I purchased new ones from Toyota, about $6 total. I would recommend changing the oil cooler lines as...


Engine Drop Prep

I finally saved money to do something with my black car. I’m undecided as to if I should rebuild, or buy a GenIII clip. I really believe the GenII motors are alot less stout...

How To: Replace Alternator

Note: This only pertains to the N/A MKI MR2s since the SCs alternator is located on the exhaust side of the engine. Got the 3 warning lights (Charge, Cooling Fan, Brake) on your dash...