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How To: V6 Swap Primer

Engines: Compatiblity / Grocery List
1997+: 1MZ-FE
Best choice for swap.

1992-1996: 1MZ-FE
Compatible, but not recommended.
Early 90’s 3vz is proven to work also*


How To: Replace Oil Cooler Hoses

I’ve been waiting till its time to change my oil again to replace the oil cooler hoses, as these guys have been leaking for some time. I decided to replace them with Aeroquip Stainless...


How To: Replace Oil Pan Seal

While I was doing the oil cooler lines and oil filter o-rings, I figured I may as well drop the oil pan and redo it’s seal. There is no gasket for the MR2’s oil...


Oil Filter Sandwich O-Rings

While replacing the oil cooler lines, I went ahead and replaced the oil filter adapter o-rings. I purchased new ones from Toyota, about $6 total. I would recommend changing the oil cooler lines as...


Intake Filter Mod

*Applies mainly to 85-86 NA MR2s. 87+ MR2s have their Intake filter mounted in the trunk. However, if you wish you can follow this writeup & move the filter into the engine bay like...

How To: Clean Throttle Body

It’s a good idea to clean up the throttle body every so often, as the oil vapor in the PCV system condenses on the cooler walls of the intake. This leaves a nice oily...