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Kirkosaurus Motor Mount Inserts

Welcome to the firist video installation how-to from!! Kirkosaurus Motor Mount Installation Video – Full Resolution – 52MB windows media format. Right click and save as to view. Some pictures from the video,...


How To: Tune the MR2 Turbo

This article hopes to describe the tuning process used in the LoveHorsepower Fuel Pressure Regulator and Tuning Video guides. The following equipment was installed: Apex-i S-AFC (Super Air Fuel Controller). LoveHorsepower Fuel Pressure Regulator...

AC Conversion 1

AC Conversion

The “proper” way to do a conversion is NOT the only way. THE reason that you have to remove all traces of R-12 in a system is because the introduction of R-134 turns the...

How To: Change Distributor Cap and Rotor

How To: Change Distributor Cap and Rotor

Here is a quick write up on how to change your distributor cap and rotor. This was done on a 93T with no egr system which may make it a little easier than those of you who still have your egr.


K-Sport Coilovers

I picked up some K-Sport Coilovers from voiceofid on the MR2OC Forums. They have threaded tubes that allow you to raise or lower the car without losing spring/strut travel. The Rebound/Damping adjustments are tied...

The 3vz-fe is the Best Toyota v6

This doesn’t include the newest v6’s coming. I.E. the new onslaught from the Lexi, or the 4.0L v6. Comparing 2vz-fe, 3vz-e, 3vz-fe, 5vz-fe, 1mz-fe (For the purpose of the discussion 1mz-fe = all 1mz-fe’s,...


How To: Install Engine Lid Fan

For those of you thinking about installing engine lid fans or those of you who have them and just aren’t sure how you want to go about wiring them this may be helpful. There...


Exhaust Controller Valve

In order to quiet down my new exhaust, I picked this up off eBay, almost ordered the 2.25″ one, so make sure you get the right size. The valve opens or closes at the...


V6 How To-A Visual Aid

Removal of the stock motor 3S or 5S. Keep the parts organized, you will be using many on the V6 motor. Things to remember: Cap off coolent hoses Protect fuel lines from contaminants and...


How To: Build an Oil Filter Relocator

There isn’t anything to say that isn’t obvious. Take the stock Toyota oil filter stand- off & cut it in half. Tap (& drill if needed) the channels to accept your hose barbs. Put your sealant around the threads & tighten (15ft-lb, or pretty hand tight is good enough). […]