PVC pipe K&N Breather Install

Just a few pics to show the part # and where the breather goes. Also highlighted the plug you need to use. You can buy the Breathers at most Auto Parts Stores that carry K&N Filters, just give them the Part No. 62-1490 In Seattle, one shop that definitely carries these is Honest Performance. About $9.99 if I remember correctly. 

The box it comes in looks just like this.  

Here’s a pic of the breather on the car. The hose you unplug is highlighted, and a pointer is showing where the plug goes. You can use anything in the 5/8 range. Just be sure to put a clamp on it so it doesn’t go flying into your compressor blades 🙂  

This is what it should look like when all done. You can mount it anywhere if you want to move it, just get some longer hose, and zip tie it up somewhere. I chose to just turn the metal pipe facing upwards, and zip tie the breather where it rested naturally.

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