How To: Remove MR2 Fuel Injectors

Notes and pictures on how to removal the fuel injectors from a 1991 MR2 Turbo.  Start off my removing the X strut tower brace and intake tube connecting the intercooler with the throttle body.  Shown is the intake pipe prior to removal (Greddy IC).  Clicks pictures to enlarge.

Intake pipe removed.

Remove the throttle body pipe (Four 12mm bolts) and throttle body stay.

Remove the throttle body air tube and disconnect the throttle position sensor.  The air tube is located on the bottom side of the throttle body and is a fairly large diameter air tube.  It can be seen in the following picture under the throttle body.

Remove the throttle cable – two 12mm bolts.

The cold start injector pipe needs to be removed by unbolting the two union bolts.

Cold start fuel pipe removed.

The EGR components need to be removed next.  There are two Allen bolts to be removed.  These can be tight, so I used a set of pliers to twist the Allen wrench.  Then remove the other bolts holding on the EGR components.

EGR removed.

The fuel union bolt is removed next.  This one has been tapped for fuel pressure readings.

Injectors can now be unplugged.

After un-bolting the two bolts that hold the wiring harness cover, the fuel rail can be coaxed out.  The wiring harness must be pulled up some before the rail will come out.

Supra Twin Turbo fuel injectors.

Fuel rail without injectors.

When installing different injectors, it’s a good idea to replace the various gaskets.  There are 4 small insulators that go on top of each injectors and the same insulator goes on the bottom of each injector on the inside of the rail.  There are 4 large insulators that go on the bottom of each injector port on the outside of the fuel rail.  The O-rings on each injector (there are two – a large and small) should also be replaced.  When installing the rail, be sure that the large rubber insulators that go on the fuel rail do not fall off!  This has happened to be numerous times – just check the garage floor before bolting the rail down.  It is not necessary, but probably a good idea to replace the copper crush washers on the union bolts for the cold start pipe and the fuel rail.  Leaks in the fuel system are generally a very bad thing!  There are also the two metal gaskets for the throttle body and the short throttle body inlet pipe that may or may not need to be replaced.  If you start the car and it barely runs, or runs very poorly, chances are the rail did not seal.

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