Category: MK3 MR2 Spyder


TTE Lowering Springs

Having recently fitted the TTE springs, I thought I’d share the experience and this article briefly describes the process I followed. Disclaimer: I and the club will not accept any responsibility if you follow...


Front Brake Pads and Disks

Here is a guide I compiled whilst fitting new front brakes to the front of my roadster at the beginning of the year (only just getting round to putting the guide together ) If...


Precat Information

Whilst the MR2 Roadster has very few flaws as either a fun cheap sports car or as a precision tool to hit the track with, there is one thing that we as a Club...


Engine Lid Mesh

This is a mod I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The various threads that discuss the matter indicate that no damage results from removing the engine lid drip tray, and that...

How To: Replace Fender Liner

In case you need to replace your front wheel wheel liners, here’s how I did it.
Tools needed:
10mm socket and wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Small, thin-bladed flat-end screwdriver […]


Exterior Detailing 101

This is going to be a three part series into exterior detailing. Our test subject is my sisters Black 2000 Toyota Camry with many paint imperfections and blemishes. After the detail is complete I...


Heated Seats

After exchanging a couple of PM’s with Darth Paul, who has already fitted these some time ago, I had a crack at it myself… I think its safe to say its not nearly as...