Alcohol Injection Information

Pat recently added an SMC Enterprises Alcohol Injection kit (originally designed for Turbo Buicks). Dan Bryant was the first MR2 owner known to use this kit (his kit has a larger alcohol bottle!). Alcohol Injection can drop EGT’s 100 degrees, and raise the value of fuel octane to 104+. The system waits for an adjustable boost pressure set point, then sprays with an adjustable pump speed. You can control when it comes on, and how much it sprays. It even has a low alcohol sensor. All this is displayed in the cockpit on a control box. There are lights that show you when the system is armed, when it’s spraying, and when it’s low on alcohol. Pat’s currently using Denatured Alcohol from Home Depot, $10 a gallon, 1 gallon has lasted one month (the alcohol only comes on when boosting above 10PSI), what a wussy he is HAHAHAHA



Here’s a shot of the control box.


In the next two pictures, you can see the white alcohol bottle which contains the pump and level sensor. You can also see the alcohol line which leads to the nozzle. The line is about a foot and a half too long, any fitting store can shorten it, that’s on the list of things to do.



On January 23rd 2002, Pat took his car to Carb Connection ( in Kirkland WA to do some baseline runs. For some reason, his air fuel ration didn’t even show up on the chart after 3,000 rpm. Hmmm… wonder why… maybe too much alcohol? Hmmm… At this point, he’s running stock fuel system, and only an AFC to control it. He subtracted 25% of fuel on Hi Throttle settings from 3,000 – 7,000 and just barely got the mixture to move up in the 5,600 – 6,900 RPM range. The session was over, so he’ll have to go back and tune to see the difference with and without alcohol. Pump speed on the SMC kit was set at 4, and it activates at .7 bar


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