How To: Remove Transmission

When under the the car I started with the starter bolts 14mm

Then the two bolt holding the clutch cylinder 12mm

Then remove the the engine long bolt 14mm or 17mm and the three bolts 14mm holding the mount to the car and the bolt at the rear lower transmission 14mm

Remove the holding clip and then cut out a notch with a dremmel to slide the clutch cylinder out

Remove the two 14mm bolts behind the header. You might need extensions and universal joint with the scoket & ratchet.

Remove the lower tranny bolts 14mm

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5 Responses

  1. PHIL says:

    How much trans oil should go in – itll it spills?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe its 2 quarts but really 1.8 with LSD.

  3. Brayan says:

    I found this very helpful. thank you for the detailed pics!

  4. Chase says:

    This is being a tremendous help to me right now – thanks very much for taking the time to write this up and taking the photos.

  5. Allan says:

    Is there a pilot bearing or bushing on the input shaft
    Do you or can you turn the input shaft to line up the