How To: Install a Clutch in a 2nd Generation Toyota MR2

This article is a mish mash of several other articles, and many clutch installs. I put this here to help someone perform their first clutch job, and is not intended to replace the BGB. If something I’ve shown differs from the BGB, go with the BGB instructions.

Step 1: Remove the Starter

There are some electrical connectors usually covered by a black plastic cover.

Be sure to have your battery disconnected first. The black box covers 2 of the wires. Pop it off.

Use the 14mm on that bad boy.

Pull the two wires off, and put the nut back on, then replace the black box so you don’t lose them.

There is one connector to the passenger side of the black box.

Unclip that little guy.

Finally, there are two large bolts connecting the starter body to the transmission. These bolts are close to the tranny, and not the skinny ones easily visible at the end of the starter. Unbolt them with a socket and medium extension. Pull the starter out of the tranny, and set it down somewhere without damaging the teeth on the gear.

This documentation in no way replaces the Toyota MR2 Repair Manuals. The purpose of this content is only to provide supplementary information to fellow MR2 enthusiasts. Midship Runabout and its contributing authors will not be held responsible for any injury or damages that may occur as the result of practicing any of the methods or procedures described within this website. Article and photo submissions are property of the contributing author.

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