Midship Runabout

How To: Replace Door Hinges

After 15+ years of use, most driver side doors are beginning to sag. To see how bad your door is sagging, open the drivers side door about 8-10 inches, and lift up on the...


Interior Door Triangle Pieces

As many of you MKIers know, the door triangle pieces break over time. Finding old ones in a junkyard that aren’t broke is a very difficult task. And gluing them back on is only...


Dying headliner

After getting tired of looking at the old dull headliner and dirty sunvisors for the past 10 years, I decided to try out the Vinyl & Fabric paint/dye. You can purchase this at your...

How To: Repair Power Window

Twosrus sells replacement motor gears for power windows, which is a very common failure on the aging MR2s. However, the regulator gear could be the one causing your problems. This gear is irreplaceable and...


Battery Hold-Down Bracket

I was bored today, and looked for something to do. Decided to clean up the bracket that holds down the battery. As you can see, there’s lots of battery acid corrosion along one side...


Front Wheel Well Cleanout

A common problem with the older MR2s is body rust behind the wheels. One culprit is leaves and water getting down into the front wheel wells. Here i’ll go through the easy process of...

How To: Install MR2 Spyder Seats

So you want to install Mk3 seats in your Mk1. It’s really not that hard.

Tools needed:

Torque wrench that can do 27 ft/lbs.
14mm socket/wrench
14mm combination wrench (ratcheting is a definite plus)
Drill (and a metric buttload of crappy bits or 3-4 really good ones)
Safety glasses (of course)


Aftermarket Seats

ere’s a write-up that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now. Every car has different seat mounting locations. Therefore aftermarket seat manufacturers must sell brackets specific to the car. Sometimes this...

How To: Replace Shift Boot

After 17 years, my shift boot has gotten pretty ratty. So I purchased a new one made from soft calf leather from a person on the MR2 forum. I had the option of picking...


Side Markers -> Side Repeaters

Here’s a simple mod to update your MR2 to like today’s fancy cars. This will make your side markers flash when your turn signals and hazard lights are on. It will also keep the...


Sunroof Rattle

After living with the sunroof rattle ever since I got the car, decided to fix it today. It’s so easy, don’t know why I waited this long. 1) Remove the sunroof. Now you need...

How To: Repair Wiper Switch

Tired of the intermittent setting not working? Wipers not returning to their rest position after you turn the switch off? Most likely all you need is this simple repair. Do this first before spending...


20V Blacktop Swap – Wiring

The most time consuming part of the swap. I was somewhat reluctant about doing this swap because I was afraid of the daunting task of the wiring. However, once I got into it it...