3SGTE Engine Removal / Build-up Pictures

I followed the service manual as well as the excellent write up on this site: http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/mr2modproject.htm to remove the engine out of the bottom of the MR2.  The reason for removing the engine was a broken ring land on the #3 piston.

Startup video after rebuild (right click and save-as).
Engine running video after rebuild (right click and save-as).

Broken Ring Land

Here are the four pistons removed:

MR2 Stock Pistons

After the engine was removed from the car, the head was then removed from the engine.

The block was then stripped of the accesories.

The following machine work was done to the block:

  • Bore cylinders 0.5mm over the stock bore.
  • Clean and hone the block.
  • Install 8.5 compression ratio forged Ross pistons, and Ross racing rings.
  • Shot-pean the stock rods.
  • Balance the rotating assembly.
  • Install Clevite crankshaft bearings.

The block was then assembled and painted with high temp paint.

The head was sent to Alabama cylinder head where it was cleaned, the valves were re-seated, and it was pressure tested.  After installing the camshafts, the valve clearance was set.

Here are some pictures of the engine before it was installed back into the car:

The engine was then installed from the bottom.

The break in procedure could be done as follows:

  1. Right before starting for the first time, put a cap-full of oil into each spark plug well.
  2. Install and torque the spark plugs.
  3. Fill the crankcase with non-synthetic oil.
  4. Start the engine, and immediately hold the RPMs around 2000RPM for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Set the ignition timing.
  6. Bleed the coolant.
  7. Drive the car gently until hot.
  8. Use 50% throttle in 4th gear between 3000 and 4000RPM, then snap the throttle shut.  Use the lowest boost possible.
  9. Repeat 10 times, then use 60% throttle, and up to 80% throttle – repeating each different throttle position multiple times.  This should help seat the rings.
  10. Drive the car at under 4500RPM for about 200 miles at varying loads and RPMs, then change the oil.
  11. Drive as above until 500 miles.
  12. Change the oil again, and crank up the boost

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