MKII Turbo Engine Install Pics

Kinda disjointed article here. But, basically, once Shane had gotten the engine back together after cleaning and replacing many parts, we rolled the engine under the car, put the hoist over the engine compartment, hooked it up, and started lifting the giant heat pump known as the 3SGTE into the car. Things were made easier by having 3 people this time. 2 working in the engine and one outside.  

Here you can see the AC compressor haning from the car body. We had to be careful not to wedge it between the car and the engine. The engine won’t drop out with it attatched, nor go in with it. It was installed after the car was back on the ground, and not while we were putting the engine in. Notice the two long bolts on the side of the compartment. Those are on the passenger engine mount. We had trouble with that later.  

Sweet, a little off center, but we’ll fix that.  

The arm I’m turning centers the balance point of the engine. Very nice feature, but a pain in the ass to turn with several hundred pounds hooked to it.  

Lot’s of stuff to connect here, but look at the lower left, you’ll see the drivers side engine mount. We lined them up drivers, front and back, then had trouble with the passenger side.  

A lotta stuff there. It may seem like too much to deal with, but the BGB is a big help.  

This is a shot from in between the wheel well area and the engine compartment. Just a view you don’t see everyday.  

Clear shot of the passenger side engine mount. Different design. Those two bolts are hard to line up. We ended up getting them in, but not level, and decided to lower the car and let gravity sort the issues out. It worked.  

Another shot of the passenger engine mount. Here you can see we had it lined up, but it wouldn’t drop in until later.

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